Are you the best chili cook or salsa maker in Tampa Bay?

We’ll give you a chance to prove it on Sunday, November 18th when you reach for the top prize with your secret concoction of meat, spices, peppers and whatever else tickles your taste buds and opens your sinuses.  Don't forget we are spicing things up with a little Salsa competition to the mix.

Of course there are rules! After all the local constabulary has to keep the peace between all you high spirited chili cookers and keep our tasters safe. 

November 18th        1:00 pm

                                                   Venue Address: 1001 W Cass St, Tampa, FL 33606


EVENT Details

Chili Contestants
  • Prepare One Crock Pot (average size 6 Quarts) of your best chili
    recipe prior to the event.
  • Chili must be cooked before the event and ready for tasting.
  • Utensils, and Sample cups will be provided at the event for tasters.
  • If you wish to bring additional condiments (ex. crackers, cheese, etc.) for your chili bring plenty
  • No entry fee required for Chili Contestants.  Open to anyone who
    would like to attend the event.  This is for charity and proceeds to benefit Trinity Cafe. Only 1 free entry to the event per chili contestant submission. 

    Must Register before November 16th, 2018 to enter.
  • Chili Winning categories: 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place. 

Safety: Contestants must follow making sure to observe food safety guidelines.  All food items must be kept below 41 degrees or about 135 degree temperature at all times.  When heating food items, two hours prior to take the food from below 41 degrees to above 135 degrees in temperature.  Contestants are responsible for the safety of your own food items.

Salsa Contestants
  • Prepare 1 Quart (32 oz) of your freshest and tastiest salsa for the contest.
  • Salsa must be prepared before the event and ready for sampling.
  • Utensils, and Sample cups will be provided at the event for tasters.
  • Please bring (1) one bag of salsa dipping chips with your salsa. 
  • Discounted entry fee of $10.00 per salsa submission contestantOpen to anyone who would like to attend the event.  This is for charity and proceeds to benefit Trinity Cafe. 
  • Must Register before November 16th, 2018 to enter.
  • Salsa Winning categories:  1st Place and 2nd Place.


Check-in will begin on Sunday at 11:30 am until 12:45 pm located in the chili / salsa tasting room.  There will be a check-in area for contestants.  

Contestants will receive their entry wristband and tickets for voting.   
Brigadoon Volunteers will take your Chili and/or Salsa to the tasting area and assist with setup of ticket drop envelopes and nameplate.  It's that simple!  Relax and have fun!

Salsa Contestants, We will have bowls for your chips to be put into. 


Do I need to bring supplies?  No, the Krewe will have cups, spoons, plates, and paper towels etc..

Who are the Judges?   The attendees.  They will each get a ticket to drop in the envelope of their choice.

Do I have to serve my Chili / Salsa?  No, The attendees will self-serve and able to vote based on their likings.  

Can I promote my Chili/ Salsa Entry?  No promotion of contestants chili or salsa. 

When are the Winners Announced?  At Half-time there will be an announcement and presentation to all the winners.  

When can I pick up my Crockpot and/or other items?  At the end of the Buccaneer's game, unless your crockpot is empty early.

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